Developments in the Optimization of Recombinant Protein Expression

Protein Expression Structure

Developments in the Optimization of Recombinant Protein Expression Biological sciences owe an enormous debt to the power and utility of recombinant protein expression. It has drastically expanded the number of proteins that can be investigated both biochemically and structurally. Protein… Continue Reading

A Look at: “Production of recombinant proteins by high cell density culture of Escherichia coli”.

e coli protein expression

In this series, we are highlighting some of our founder, Dr. Yelena Sheptovitsky’s, favorite manuscripts, publications, and news pieces all relating to the world of protein expression, life science, and CRO’s. Today we take a look at “Production of recombinant proteins… Continue Reading

Production of Recombinant Proteins in a Soluble Form in E.coli

ARVYS Protein Services

Proteins are an essential part of nutrition, medicine, and biochemistry. Modern technology has allowed producing recombinant proteins in large quantities for research and therapeutic use. One of the most common expression systems for protein production is E. coli. However, when… Continue Reading