The ARVYS Scholarship


The ARVYS Scholarship is a highly selective scholarship for outstanding graduate students and postdoctoral fellows who are engaged in research involving use or development of the latest protein technologies. Each year, the scholarship is awarded to three individuals to provide an opportunity to present their poster at a mutually selected conference.


Scholars will receive funding for conference academic registration and accommodations up to $1,000 in total.


Applicants must be:
  • A graduate student or postdoctoral fellow in world-wide academic institutions
  • Have a publication either in planning or published in a peer-reviewed journal related to the topic of the poster
  • The topic of the poster must be directly or somewhat directly related to services provided by ARVYS


An ideal candidate will have:
  • Outstanding academic record
  • Conducted research of interest to ARVYS at a reputable academic institution
  • Demonstrated strong interest in pursuing a career in biotechnology, drug discovery & development, and life sciences

Please email us your abstract of work, link to public work, link to lab they are working on, resume/CV, and a 500 word paragraph about your interest in the ARVYS Scholarship to info@arvysproteins.

*Recommendation from advisor will be required after the scholarship is awarded.*